Audience praise
for Naked Angel:

 "A great story told

with great love!"

"This movie transcends!"

 "Bring Kleenex!"

"Do everything you can

to see this movie!"

"The movie was intelligent, sophisticated and inspiring.  It all came together so beautifully, and I 

enjoyed every moment." 


"...this movie is a great story of living, loving, and believing!  Visuals and special effects excite.  The 

narrative is cleverly structured with unexpected surprises and twists..." 

"A very authentic-feeling movie.  It makes you think about what's important in life..." 

"Terrific acting, super soundtrack, and excellent locations!  Cinematography is outstanding.  The 

director takes us on an interesting ride inside the minds and hearts of some special characters. 


"…looks amazing; just really hope it gets recognized properly as a masterpiece.  Love it!" 


"...this film is wonderfully made... a beautiful story with fantastic acting.


"Artistically beautiful; there are tender moments, some that made me laugh and all-in-all the film 

sends a message of hope." 

D a n c i n g s t a r  P r o d u c t i o n s  p r e s e n t s 
J a m e s  D u v a l  
a   f i l m   b y   C h r i s t i n a   M o r a l e s   H e m e n w a y 

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